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Ane&Ivar is the creative collaboration between Ane Baztarrika and Ivar Teunissen. Their story started in spring 2015 in Delft when they casually met in a bar. Since then they have been inseparable and as an organic outcome of that, they started collaborating.

The portraits bring together the art mediums of photography and painting, to combine their respective creative languages and tell a very personal interpretation of people and moments. Their process starts with them intuitively choosing the person or people to be portrayed. This person is mainly someone with a warm heart and a magic aura that has shared unforgettable moments with them. Ivar then captures the essence of what the person transmits them and finally Ane paints directly over the printed photo.

Ane is a textile designer with a natural curiosity towards exploring different ways to translate her emotions onto the canvas using ink and paint. Currently she works at TextileLab Amsterdam inside the Waag Society researching natural dyes and experimenting with combining different ways that traditional cultures create patterns on fabric. You can see more of her work at

Ivar is a warmhearted dreamer and traveler with an eye to capture people´s friendliest side and true selves. Besides being a portrait photographer he works as a senior editor for Stocksy United where he is an editor team lead. His portfolio can be seen at